Friday, 1 May 2015

262. Rama appreciated Hanuman for his action.

Yuddha Kanda

         Rama was very much pleased the way in which Hanuman endeavored to console the worried and distressed Seetha. He was also touched with joy to hear the most appropriate words selected by Hanuman in this regard. Rama appreciated and thanked Hanuman with "A very outstanding work, the most arduous in the world has been done by you which could not be carried out even in thought by any other on the surface of this earth. Indeed, I cannot perceive as such anyone other than Garuda, Vayu and you, Hanuman, who can cross the mighty ocean. Who can return alive, after entering the city of Lanka, which is under the custody of Ravana ipso facto, unconquerable by Devas, Asuras, Yakshas, Gandharvas and Nagas? Who has the capability to enter without the knowledge of the guards guarding that city, which is powerfully guarded by the asuras, other than one whose courage and valour are equal to Hanuman's? A great act of service has been done by Hanuman to Sugreeva thus by exhibiting his strength corresponding to his pace. That servant to whom his master entrusts a difficult task and who performs it with zeal is said to be a superior person. The one who is ready and capable but does no more than his master extracts from him is called a mediocre person. The one who is well and able and yet does not carry out the instructions of his master as directed is said to be the lowest of subordinates. By finding out Seetha, the Raghu dynasty inclucing myself and Lakshmana, have been rightly saved today. But it pinches my conscience to think that I am not able to reward befittingly the bearer of such a good tiding. Let me at least embrace this unstinting Hanuman, as under the present circumstances, this is all I can do."
        Then Rama, vibrating with joy, clasped Hanuman in his arms.
         Rama, then told all those present including, of course, Sugreeva "The search for Seetha has been performed so much well in all ways. But my mind gets dejected once more, when I think of this vast ocean. How can these vanaras put together will reach the southern bank of the ocean, which is so difficult to cross and which contains voluminous water? Having received the tidings of Seetha, what can we do now to take the vanaras to the other side the sea?"
         Rama the destroyer of enemies and the mighty armed, was filled with apprehension and then became absorbed in thought.

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