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192. Saampaati continues his tale.

        Saampaati continued after a pause "I was not able to see my dear brother Jataayu suffering. I was now more happy that it was me who got the burns and not my dear Jataayu.
          "I told the sage 'I am totally exhausted and haggard due to my descend from this mountain to come to you, and as such I am unable to speak elaborately. I, therefore will make it short.
           " 'Fascinated by our relatively less significant triumphs, Jataayu and myself competitively flew up far-away on the sky. Before the sages on the peak of Mt. Kailash we have staked a stake that we two will follow the Sun till he reaches the great westerly mountain, namely Mt. Dusk.
      " 'We reached the sky in a trice to a height wherefrom we could see each of the townships on the surface of earth, separately and singly, in the size of a chariot's wheel. We also saw and heard instrumental music somewhere, and somewhere else tinkling of jewellery, and elsewhere singing of many ladies dressed in red.
       " 'We went up the sky in a short while and followed the solar path. We observed that forests looked like patches of pasture on the earth. From there the earth covered with pebble like mountains appeared shingly. Interwoven with yarn like rivers the surface of the earth looked thready. Himalayas, Mt. Vindhya and even the very tall mountain Mt. Meru looked like elephants in lakes.
    " 'Then all of a sudden we started sweating profusely. For no apparent reason tiredness, fear and stupor invaded both of us. Both of us experienced a severe vertigo. We could not recognize any direction i.e. up, down, north, east, west, south etc. And the world looked as though burnt down by the fire at the end of an era.
      " 'Then the Sun appeared dwindled to the size  of the earth. Without informing me Jataayu started to trip over the earth, and then on seeing him I too let myself loose from the sky.
      " 'I started covering Jataayu in sky with both my wings from the scorching Sun.  Both my wings were completely burnt. I became unconscious. When I opened my eyes I found that I was lying on the Mt. Vindhya. I supposed that Jataayu as had fallen in Janasthaana.
      " 'I lost my wings and thereby my kingdom. It would have been very nice if I had died from the fall. I have come to you for guidance now.'
      "After telling the sage the tragedy of my misadventure, I started weeping profusely as I was highly despaired. 
       "Then after meditating for a while that sage told me 'Don't fret my dear chap. You surely will get back both your wings. However, nitially it will emerge as small wings anew. Similarly you will get back all your valour, power, and life-force.
     " 'There is going to be some king known as Dasharatha, an enhancer of Ikshvaku dynasty, and he would beget a great resplendent son who will be known as Rama. As desired by his father, that Rama would go to forests along with his brother Lakshmana and his wife Seetha. A rakshash named Ravana, the chief of rakshasas, would abduct Rama's wife from Janasthaana. She, that Maithili, a highly privileged and prestigious lady would not touch any food, though she would be highly lured by banquets and feasts by that Ravana, for she would be sunken in sorrow. On knowing Seetha's plight Indra would give a nectar like food (which is not available even for  gods) for Vaidehi.
      " 'But on getting that food, and on knowing that it is from Indra, Maithili would take up the first morsel and then would dispense it on the surface of earth saying "If my husband is living, or at least my younger brother-in-law Lakshmana is living, or if both of them have attained godhood, this food belongs to them." Saying so Seetha would be offering oblation to them.
    " 'Ushered by Rama, Vanaras as harbingers of Rama would be going over to the place where Seetha is captivated, and you are to tell those vanaras about the queen of Rama. Then you will get your wings back.  
    " 'May be I am capable of getting back your wings now itself, but it is so destined that you have to wait until you meet those vanaras and help them by telling them where Seetha could be found. 
    " 'That deed aimed at the wellbeing of both those princes, Rama and Lakshmana, and of Brahmans, teaches, sages and also of Indra is predestined to be done by you alone!
   " 'As a matter of fact I very much wish to see those brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, but it is so destined that I have to castaway my mortal body now.'
   "Saying so that sage, who is a discerner who discerns the sum and substance of Supreme Person castaway his mortal body in his ascent to heaven."

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