Thursday, 14 August 2014

188. Angada informs Saampaati of their plight.

           Despite the fact that Saampaati's voice became husky and his entire attitude seemed to turn very concerned by his sadness for the demise of his so called dear brother Jataayu, Angada and his pals were not inclined to believe the same. They felt sure that the eagle was pretending and intending to kill and eat up all of them. 
        The vanaras discussed per se and came to the consensus "We are sitting for fast-unto-death and if that eagle wishes eat us let it be so.  By either way our deliverance will be achieved and we will go to heaven from here." When all of the vanara chiefs made up their minds in this way, then some of them on going to the mountaintop helped that eagle to come down, After Saampaati perched comfortably, Angada told him "Oh, bird, my noble grandfather is known as Rikshaja who was a valorous and an outstanding vanara among all vanaras, was the king of all the vanaras. He begot two generous and great mighty sons namely Vali and Sugreeva. My father Vali was highly renowned in the world for his bold acts, and he succeeded my grandfather as the king of all vanaras.
      "Among the dynasty of Ikshvaku the son of Dasharatha, namely Rama, who is a great-charioteer, a king for the entire world, a peerless person, who abiding by his father's directives and opting for righteous course of conduct, moved into Dandaka forests along with his brother Lakshmana and also with his wife Vaidehi. Ravana forcibly abducted his wife namely Seetha, from Janasthaana, and a kingly eagle named Jataayu, who is a friend of Rama's father Dasharatha, saw her while she was being abducted. Jataayu became overly tired when he made Ravana's chariot defective and stayed for sometime the abduction. As he was very senescent, Ravana wounded him fatally in that conflict. 
         "Subsequently Rama and Lakshmana found him barely alive. The brave bird informed the brothers about the abduction of Seetha and died. The brothers performed the obsequies. He departed on a sublime avenue to heavens.
      "Then Raghava made friendship with my paternal uncle Sugreeva, an intellectual autocrat, and Sugreeva got my father killed. Since Sugreeva antagonized my father, my father interdicted him along with his ministers from the kingdom, and Rama killed my father Vali and made Sugreeva his sucessor. Sugreeva then ordered us to locate where Seetha is kept.
         "We searched  forests very meticulously, but we unwittingly entered into a wide-opened Black Hole, which was crafted by the wizardry of the rakshas Maya. 
        "Unfortunately for us the time limit fixed by our king for our return has elapsed. Fearing the fury of our king Sugreeva, we could not muster enough strength to return to Kishkindha. We, therefore decided to go on a fast till death embraces us."

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