Monday, 11 August 2014

187. Saampaati is introduced.

          All the vanaras were sitting quietly and wondering how the death by fast will feel like and how soon or how late it will start and end. After some time they felt hungry and bored as well. In order to keep both the feelings at bay they started chatting this and that.
         By the curious turn of destiny the elder brother of Jataayu, a kingly eagle known as Saampaati by name, renowned for his forcefulness and aggressiveness, and a celebrated and sempiternal eagle happened to be sleeping in his cave which was situated in a close proximity to the place where the vanaras were fasting. He was awakened by the noise of the chitchat of the vanaras who were contemplating death by fast. He got up and came out of his cave to probe the cause of the disturbance. He was very surprised and very happy to see quite a lot of vanaras sitting and chitchatting. He thought aloud "Good-oh! God is very gracious! All these monkeys are quite sturdy and fleshy! One per day would be quite enough to satiate my hunger. Henceforth I need not depend upon my son for food for months."
       The words and the sight of that gormandising bird made Angada breathless. He told hurriedly to Hanuman "I say m'dear chap! Look! In the shape of an eagle, the son of the Sun, Yama, has manifestly arrived at this area. Now we will not die by fasting. We will be his feed.
        "All of us are very unlucky. We could not find Seetha nor could we die by fasting. You all have heard in its entirety what deed the kingly Jataayu has done to protect Vaidehi. Conscientious Jataayu has done a brave deed much liked by Rama. Despite trekking the forests without even caring for our lives in the cause of Rama, we could not locate Maithili. He that kingly eagle Jataayu who was killed by Ravana is certainly a very happy soul.
     "By the sad and cruel killing of Jataayu and by the sad end of Dasharatha, and also by the purloin of Vaidehi, all of us are piled into a predicament.
     "Just by giving boons to Kaikeyi, the quandaries like Rama's dwelling in forests along with Seetha and Lakshmana, as a result Rama's fury elimination of the rakshasas in Janasthaana completely, and as a sequel Raghava's arrow exterminating Vali, have come to pass."
     Saampaati was completely taken aback on hearing the news about the death of Jataayu. He peremptorily shouted "Who is talking about the demise of Jataayu, my most precious brother? How a combat occasioned between that eagle and a rakshash in Janasthaana, and how and why am I hearing the name of my brother after a long time? I entreat you to get me down from these mountain soars. After a long time I hear about my younger brother who is straightforward, praiseworthy for his valour. I am glad that he was spoken in praise. I wanna listen about the death of my brother Jataayu when he was in Janasthaana. I know that Dasharatha was a friend of my brother Jataayu. But how did Dasharatha pass away?
       "I am incapable to spread my wings widely as they are burnt by Sun's rays. I, therefore request you to lower me down from this mountain." 

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