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185. Angada discusses the next course of action.

        Then they turned southward and saw with wonderment the inexorable ocean, the realm of the Raingod, tumultuous with ferociously roaring and implacable waves, and shoreless otherwhere. Because of the thorough and meticulous search made by them coupled with the unfortunate incident of being held up within the cavity of the rakshash Maya, the time limit of one month passed away. Sitting on a foothill of the Mt.Vindhya which was with fully flowered trees those vanaras were brooding and tormented by shame and ipso facto driven to desperation.
     The sight of the treetops, weighty with flowers and enshrouded with hundreds of vines of the spring season, made them feel quite the opposite of what such a lovely sight would make anyone feel, to wit happiness. Strangely and incredulously that beautiful sight filled them with the fright of the outcome of failing Sugreeva's time frame. The reason for this contrariwise phenomenon was that sight made them realize that spring season had arrived, which means that they had overshot the time limit specified by Sugreeva.
        The crown prince and a great warrior Angada, greeted and addressed his mighty force with a grave voice "Oh, my dear fellows, I take it that all of you know now that the month fixed by our king Sugreeva was over long ago mainly due to the reason that we were held up in that Black Cavity. 
       "Our king Sugreeva selected all of you for the reason that you are all the pioneers in the pathway of principles, you have notched up his credibility, you are all well disposed in his well being and you are the contrivers of any exploit. All of you are unparalleled in all tasks, all your asperity is renowned in all directions and all of you have come impelled by that ochre eyed Sugreeva keeping me as your helmsman. As we have not lived up to his expectations, we will surely be punished and that punishment will surely be death sentence. I have no doubt about it for the reason Sugreeva is a tormentor by nature and now he is institutionalised in lordship, and as such he will not condone any of us.
       "I think it would be better for all of us to die here itself by fasting.
    "I am not anointed as the  crown-prince by Sugreeva of his own volition. He did so because Rama, the king of people asked him so. I feel that king Sugreeva was always bound up in animosity with my father, and ipso facto with me, too. Now he has a convenient and a reasonable reason to liquidate me without any compunction."
          The speech of Angada was received with mixed feelings. Some of the prominent vanaras of that force discussed per see over what Angada said. They then replied Angada "We agree with you that Sugreeva is a hottempered vanara and Raghava is interested in his beloved wife. The timeframe is lapsed and we do ot have any clue about the whereabouts of Vaidehi. If we go back to Kishkindha now, without completing our assignment, Sugreeva will surely liquidate us without any second thoughts. He may think that it will please Rama.
       "In view of the above, we are inclined to agree with your suggestion to go on fasting until death.
     This produced complete silence. After a few moments, Lt. Tara said "Let us cut this misery and desperation. If all of you agree, then let us enter that cave again where we can live. That highly impassable cavity contrived by that rakshash Maya is abundant with trees, water, eatables and potables. Nobody can find us there and there is no fear even from Indra. We can live there until our lost day."
     All the vanaras were inclined to agree with Lt. Tara.

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  1. Strange to see Angadha losing his confidence and going down in desperation! Sure Hanuman will come forward to motivate all his team members soon! MuthusubramaNyam