Friday, 31 January 2014

133. Seetha vent her wrath on Ravana.

                Suddenly Seetha realized that Ravana had carried her away quite a distance from the hermitage and as such there was no possibility of Rama and Lakshmana catching them up. That made her highly frantic, naturally. She didn't know what to do. The only thing she could do was to try to hammer good sense into at least one of the heads of that brute. That was exactly what she started. She said "You scoundrel, you are taking flight on abducting me when I was alone without any protection. Are you not ashamed in the least for this disgraceful, outrageous, scandalous, mean, low, base, infamous, indecent and degrading subterfuge. You blackguard, now it is obvious that you sent that Golden Deer to lure my husband and Lakshmana away from me. You bragged this and that and all that but now I find you a bloody coward. You had to struggle very hard to overcome that old bird Jataayu. It is therefore, very apparent that you shiver to face my husband or his brother Lakshmana. 
                  "Ah, you have not revealed even an iota of your valor you were boasting about, you basely rakshash.
                 "A vain boaster as you are, this highly inhuman, iniquitous and imputable deed of yours will be recounted with the greatest scorn by all men, women and children in all the worlds now and for all the time to come.
                  "Damn with what you have said then about your might and mettle and damn with this kind of your demeanor which is lamentable to the whole of your clan in this world.
                  "You are running away in a hurry because you are afraid of being killed by my husband. If you are really what you were boasting of, then wait for my husband to come.
                  "Even with the entire army of yours you have absolutely no chance of winning my husband or his brother. You and your entire army will be completely wiped out.
               "There is no point in taking me to your place as I will not be able to live for long in the custody of an enemy and without seeing my husband.
            "Oh, unmerciful one, on doing this kind of misdeed to that noble-souled Rama you are rendered incapable to bear up life for a long time like the one who quaffed venom.
            "You must have known that your army of fourteen thousand rakshashas based on Jaanasthana was completely wiped out by my husband in a matter of minutes without any help from his brother. It will not therefore be difficult for him to eliminate you, the stealer of his chosen wife, with his mordant arrows." 

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