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132. Ravana travels back to Lanka with Seetha.

                  Seetha could not bear the sight of the valiant Jataayu whom Ravana wounded fatally. Sitting beside him and weeping she was saying "I have heard that humans perceive disastrous or distressing happenings by its concomitant indications like uncommon reflexes of their own body parts, or by the presages, or the conjecturable concomitants or the cognising calls of birds.
               "Oh, Rama, I am sure that animals and birds are running towards you for my sake, to tell about me.
               "Oh, Rama, this noble bird Jataayu who mercifully came to save me is badly mangled on his encounter with Ravana, and he is sprawling on earth, due to my ill luck.
               "Oh, Rama of Kakutstha, Oh, Lakshmana, Come and liberate me now." 
               Seetha's garlands and jewelry were muddled up. Clinging a sturdy tree and muffling her misfortune she started bawling "Rama, Oh! Rama". That rakshash, Ravana, rushed towards Vaidehi  who was bawling like an orphaned child, and repeatedly and harshly taunted Seetha saying, 'leave it off, leave it off.' 
              Seeing Seetha's abduction God Brahma declared, "the deed is done." However, all of the supreme sages in Brahma's abode became distressed, and yet delighted in foreseeing the consequential results.
             Wresting Seetha from the tree to which she was clinging, Ravana took flight skyward. Seetha scintillated like the oblique flashes of lightning in a cloud, owing to her golden coloured body which was decorated with jewelry of pure gold, and made more attractive with a golden coloured ocherish silky dress, while traversing in the sky.
                 When her ochreish silk sari's upper fringe was upheaved by air onto to Ravana, Ravana looked blazing like a mountain set ablaze, muchly and overly.
                Reddish and scented lotus-petals adorning Seetha were slithered, but again upheaved by air they were bestrewn on Ravana.
               The Upper fringe of Seetha's silk sari with golden glitter was upheaved in the sky, and with the reddish hue of sun in red heat of midday it beamed forth like a reddish cloud.
                Like a stalk-less lotus the immaculate visage of Seetha lost its usual brightness as Rama was not in the vicinage.
               Her lotus pistil like face without any trace of pimple was adorned with a pretty forehead on which prettyish curls were fluttering, and with teeth that were spick and span and sparkling, but tears dabbed on that face to sideways when she wept, yet it was pleasant like moon for a sight with shapely nose, pretty eyes, roseate lips, and shining with golden hue in the sky. Nevertheless, when she had gone in the flank of Ravana on the sky such an immaculate face of Seetha turned like a palish moon that had just risen bursting a bluish cloud.
                  Highly disconcerted by the rakshash that auspicious face of Seetha was much less bright like the moon arisen in daytime with somewhat golden hue.
                  While Seetha was being carried away by Ravana, her golden yellowish complexion in the tinge of a lotus in combination with her ornaments of purified gold, flashed like lightnings in dark clouds. In the background of the black Ravana the rustles of Vaidehi's jewellery shone forth like a shipshape blue-black cloud with rumbles and undulating lightning.
                 During the flight of the rakshash with Seetha, the flowers gracing her head, on chest as garlands and on the armlets had fallen all-over the surface of earth like showers of flowers.
               During their flight Seetha's anklet adorned with gems fell down onto the earth like an electric annulus with its sparky sparkles.
              The flight of Ravana carrying Seetha looked like a black elephant with a golden girdle moving in the air.
              Due to her radiancy, Seetha against the black Ravana looked like the moving of a massive meteor. 
              Similarly some of her ornaments were sparkling like the sparkles of fireworks. A multi-string pearl pendant, a rivière, that vies with the moonshine had glissaded from the medial of her breasts, and while glissading from sky it looked like the sheeny River Ganga while she glissaded from the skies.
               The trees on which diverse birds were perching were stirred up by the wind blown and up-heaved by the gust of Ravana's flight, while the swaying motion of those treetops looked as though waving hands to console Seetha saying, "fear not... fear not..."
                  Seeing the atrocity all the lotuses in the lakes below wilted; fishes and other beings in the lakes became very sorrow in the same manner as a girl would for her dear girlfriend. 
                 All lions, tigers and other animals and birds gathered in herds from all-over were rancorously pursuing the shadow of Seetha.
                 The mountains seemed bewailing with their waterfalls as shedding tears and with their peaks as upraised arms.
                 It seemed that even the Sun seemed to have immersed in such a great sadness which weakened his sunshine, thereby paling the brightness of the sun-disc, and consequently vastly lowering the solar constant. 
                 And the sylvan deities physically shuddered in a worst way. Not knowing what to do, Seetha was bawling in high-pitched but mellowly voice calling "Rama, Lakshmana."  

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