Monday, 13 January 2014

126. Curiosity killed the cat.

                  Lakshmana was highly incensed and very furious at Seetha who spoke to him unreasonably so rudely. He absolutely did not like to leave Seetha alone as he felt that there was some trick in the false distress call in the voice of Rama. He could not fathom why Seetha was so unfair this time. In order to make Seetha's stay without guard at the hermiatage as short as possible, he rushed to see Rama immediately, albeit his heart wanted him to stand guard to Seetha. 
               Ravana was hiding in the proximity of the hermitage waiting for the exit of Lakshmana. The moment Lakshmana was out of sight, the ten-headed Ravana taking the guise of a (single headed) mendicant Brahman sannyasi (with only two arms like any human), cloaked in a smooth silky saffron, his head-hair neatly tufted, sandals wooden, umbrella on right shoulder, and on his left shoulder the sanyaasi shaft, onto which his handy water vessel was hooked, walked towards the hermitage. 
                Seeing the ferocious Ravana moving with such nefarious and iniquitous intentions, the trees of Janasthaana stopped to sway, and the wind very much slowed down its blow. On seeing him who was seeing with his bloodshot lustful eyes, River Godavari whose onrush would normally be rapid, started to rush off quietly.
                Seetha followed Lakshmana up to the entrance of the hermitage and was standing there transfixed worrying about Rama. Ravana reached the front of the hermitage and was ogling at the beautiful form of Seetha, whose lips and teeth were fine, visage was shiny like a full moon, and who was presently tortured by her sorrow.  Standing before her, Ravana was enjoying the beauty of Seetha. Ravana felt that he was hit by the arrows of Manmatha.  Then Ravana uttered the Vedic-hymns as precursory in seeking alms. Then he started eulogizing her beauty. Ravana acclaimed that she was an excellent one to look at in all the three worlds, beaming forth with the beauty of her body, and who was like Goddess Lakshmi but for the Divine-lotus as her seat. He continued "Glittering like the glitter of gold, silkened in ochry silks, you are like a lotus-tendril garlanded with divine lotuses as your ensemble. Who are you?
              "Oh, rosy faced one, are you the personified numen of Respect, Renown or Resplendence, or the Felicitous Lakshmi herself, or oh, curvaceous one, are you a nymphal Apsara, or the numen of Benefactress, or a self-motivated woman, or Rati Devi, the consort of Manmatha.
              "Your teeth are evenly, smooth and their tips are like jasmine buds, and your whitish broad eyes are spotless, reddish at ends, and pupils are black. Your hips are splendid, your thighs are very lovely to look at, and these two breasts of yours ornamented with the most beautiful jewelry are rotund, rubbing and bumping each other, and their swinging up and down is enchanting, their nipples are brawny and jutting out, and they look very smooth like palm-fruits, and are highly seductive and extremely exquisite and covetable. Oh, allurer, I am sure that your smile will be alluring, teeth are alluring, and your eyes allure, oh, beauty, your waist is so beautifully small, your hair velvety, your breasts are jostling, and you rob my soul as well as my heart.
                 "I have not so far seen any female in this world with such lovely features as yours. As a matter of fact I have not seen any female as beautiful as you among goddesses or gandharva or yaksha or kinnaraa.  I marvel why an excellent woman beyond any comparison in beauty in all the three worlds by her features, and as youthful as you should be living here in the thick of the forest.
                 "It is not at all safe for you to stay here for this forest is frequented by ghastly rakshashas who by their wish will be changing their guise. You richly deserve to be the wife of the one who can provide you the best of the garlands, scents, foodstuffs, clothing etc. Because you are the best beauteous one, it is appropriate and right for you to choose such a husband.
                   "Oh, curvaceous lady, who are you? Oh, one with an impeccable smile, are you the wife of any of the Gods? To me you are beaming forth like a goddess.
                "This is the dwelling-place of rakshashas, and no goddess or a gandharva or a kinnara will come here. That being so how you have come here? Here, simians, lions, leopards, tigers, bears, vultures etc. will be moving. Are you not frightened of them? Being alone in this forest, oh, lady with a lovely face, how are you unafraid of this horrendous and mighty elephants possessed of rut?
               "Oh, auspicious lady, who are you? Whose are you? Also from where are you? And being lonely, what for you are moving in this dreadful Dandaka forest that is adored by rakshashas?" 
               Seetha took him as what he looked and started to revere him with all the respects obligatory to a casual guest.
She firstly fetched a seat for him, then invited him with water for feet-wash, and then said to him who looked gracious in his bearing,"Oh, Brahman, alms are ready. This is the Darbha-grass-seat and you be seated comfortably. Here is water, receive it for hand and feet wash, here is the forest grown victuals for your sake. Dine on them." 
               Apart from her beauty, the kind and courteous behavior of Seetha as well as her melodious voice attracted Ravana more. His notion of abducting her firmed up after seeing her and hearing her voice etc. and started to dedicate himself for destruction.
              Wearing a worried demeanor, Seetha looked forward for her shapely husband who had gone on a hunting game, and who must be returning along with Lakshmana, and though she looked intently she could only see the green backdrop of that great forest, but not Rama or Lakshmana.

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