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121. Ravana spurned the advice of Maareecha.

               Ravana stared at Maareecha and shook all his heads in total disapproval. With annoyance on his faces he replied Maareecha with indignation "In deference to your age I was patiently hearing all your prattle. They are decidedly worthless, in effect, like the seeds seeded in wastelands. You should know that it is impossible to scare me away from a war with that iniquitous and imprudent Rama, who is after all a human being, with these words of yours.
                "He that Rama, a human who bolted off to forest on hearing the words of a guileful woman, forfeiting his kingdom, friends and relatives, and even his mother, likewise his father too, will not have the guts to face me in a war. As such I wonder how did you feign to scare me away from such a Rama. But his wife Seetha who is dearer to him more than his life is certainly seizable by me in association with you, as that Rama purposelessly killed Khara in a war. I am very firm on this and no power on this or any other world can make me change it. 
                 "I am the king. As such you should simply obey what I asked you to do. Instead you started giving me your useless opinion and advice. You should be well aware that the king cannot be addressed unless permitted.
                 "It is highly presumptuous on your part to start advising the king knowing well that it is not in the interests of the king. The king being the lord of the land is preceded with gentility, and as such should be addressed with auspicious and beneficial words that do not contradict the interests of that lord, and more so, they shall be inclusive of etiquette.
                 "Oh, Maareecha, even if a beneficial word is said with reprehension will not be appreciated by that king who insists upon honour, for that said word is dishonorable, let alone reprehensible. The kings with infinite vigour embody the five constituents of the natural forces viz. of Agni, Indra, Soma, Yama and Varuna. As such the kings being great-souls personify the sultriness of Fire, sternness of Indra, softness of Moon, suppleness of Rain and harshness of Death. Therefore in all situations they are respectable and reverential.
                "Even though you know all these things, you are ill-advisedly babbling nonsense and presume that you are competent and authorised to talk any nonsense simply because I am at your doorstep. Listen, rakshash, I did not ask you the rights and wrongs concerning me, nor what is expedient for me.
                 "Agreeing to proffer a helping hand in this deed should have been your appropriate response. Anyhow in view of your age I forgive you. Now listen carefully to that task which you have to undertake during the course of your assistance as I detail it to you. On becoming an amazing silver spotted golden deer you move in front of Seetha around the hermitage of Rama, and on alluring Vaidehi you can go away as you like. On seeing you as a wholly illusory golden deer Seetha will become very curious and ask her husband to get that deer for her. 
          "When Rama comes out of his hermitage to get you, you lead him far away from the hermitage and shout very loudly 'ha Seetha' and 'ha, Lakshmana,' mimicking Rama's voice. On hearing that, Seetha would definitely ask Lakshmana to go and probe what happened to Rama. When Lakshmana too leaves the hermitage, I will carry off Seetha effortlessly. Oh, rakshash, on carrying out this stint in this manner you may go as you like. And Maareecha with solemn vows, I will grant half of my kingdom, too to you.
               "Hence, my dear chap, get going on this trouble free path for the easy achievement of my objective. I, myself will follow you to Dandaka forest in the chariot. After getting hold of Seetha without a conflict, I will proceed to Lanka along with you.
               "If you refuse to do as I am telling you, oh, Maareecha, I will kill you now itself. I will get my work done through you even under duress, and indeed, any subject setting against his king will never live peacefully.
               "Your life may be indefinite on agreeing to obey me, but your death is surely definite now itself if you refuse me."

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