Thursday, 28 November 2013

107. Khara takes his entire army to doom.

                Khara simply could not believe what Shuurpanakha was telling him. "What are you blabbering? I just now commanded those fearless flesh eating rakshashas to fulfill your wish. Those rakshashas are my admirers, adherents and they always remained my well-wishers. They have never failed to execute my commands. Hence there is no question of their non-accomplishment of my orders. Owing to what you are highly bawling by saying, 'haa, lord' and wriggle on the ground like a snake? I would like to know what you are trying to say. Say it calmly and coherently. When I am here to take care of you, why should you needlessly cry out like an uncared for child."
                 Shuurpanakha was greatly assuaged by the patronizing words of Khara. Dabbing her tearful eyes she told Khara "I came to you just a while back with my ears and nose chopped off and wet with gushes of blood, and you too have comforted me. Oh, valiant brother, for my delight you too have sent fourteen mighty rakshashas to eliminate that atrocious Rama along with Lakshmana. But, all of them were killed in a fight with Rama by his arrows that cleaved their vital parts.
                 "I was aghast to see those highly impetuous rakshashas falling on earth in a trice. And seeing the unusual deed of Rama in felling them, I was highly alarmed. Oh me! I am still alarmed, fully frenzied, and even despaired. Oh, Khara, I have therefore come again seeking your refuge.
             "Kill those two, Rama and Lakshmana, as they are just humans. If you are incapable of doing so, then what for are you staying here in Janasthaana with your trivial stamina and trifling sinews like a stupid blemish for our clan. You better get out of this Janasthaana at once along with your cronies and your so called mighty rakshashas.
               "I think that you will completely and quickly be subjugated by that Rama. And, that brother of Rama namely Lakshmana who did this gruesome act on me is a highly vigorous one, too."
               In this manner Shuurpanakha bawled variously at Khara, and then anguished by her own affliction started hitting her paunch with both of her hands, and what is more, she swooned.
             Khara  became highly enraged. He told her "This fury of mine caused by the disgrace brought on you is like the highly bitter salt water that is impossible to contain when ingested. I do not care the valour of that Rama for he is, after all a human with a very short lifespan. Now he is going to give up his life by his own misdoings. Control your tears and cast off your despair too, for I will send Rama to the abode of yama along with his brother.
             "Now, very soon you will swill that Rama's red hot blood when that short-lived one is hewed down to earth with an axe." 
             The assurance of Khara made Shuurpanakha very happy. She told Khara "You are the best among all the rakshashas." Khara was a bit upset when shurpanakha denounced him earlier. Her praise now made Khara jubilant.  He ordered his army commander Duushana to get his entire army of fourteen thousand domineering rakshashas with dark-cloud like complexion immediately. Then looking at Shuurpanakha he said "Those are the adherent followers of my will, and their hustle will be frightful and they do not know the meaning of retreat in combats. The very sight of these black cloud like rakshashas will be terrifying to humans. If the on looking humans are not dead at first sight of these rakshashas  then these rakshashas can pamper themselves in killing those humans."
              He then told Duushana "Position my chariot ready with bows and arrows, amazing swords and diverse sharp power bolts and the other usual arsenal. Oh, Duushana, I am going with the rakshashas." 
                Duushana promptly executed the command. That chariot had a roomy cabin with its rooftop like that of the ridge of Mt. Meru, body embellished in gold, wheels golden, gem-studded yoke-to-carriage shaft, all around encompassed with golden artefacts like fishes, flowers, trees, mountains, sun, moon, and auspicious bird flocks and stars, and also decorated with jingle-bells, endowed with flags, swords, and best horses. Khara embarked on it with all his rancour.
                  After surveying and satisfying with the army and the arsenal, Khara charged all those rakshasha army to "proceed." Then that demonic force with their ghoulish skin shields, weaponry and flags, set off from Janasthaana, blaring blatantly and foraying dashingly.
                 Wielding maces, dart-bolts, and spears, and also razor-sharp axes, swords and discs, and dreadful power-darts and power-bolts that were flashing, iron maces, unusual bows, clubs, scimitars and pounding-shafts, and even thunderbolt like weapons that were calamitous to look at, that army which comprised fourteen thousand fiendish rakshashas that were the followers of Khara's whim, had started from Janasthaana.
                On surveying the army, Khara was quite satisfied with the competence of his frightening and daunting force. Khara's chariot followed them a little later at the rear. Then the charioteer set spurs on those colourful horses that are adorned in polished gold according to the notions of Khara. The impetuous charge of Khara's chariot caused to swell earth's four cardinal quarters and inter-quarters with turbulence.
              He whose voice is thunderous and whose rancour escalated speedily, and who is hastening forward like Yama intending to destroy his enemy, that Khara repeatedly hurried the charioteer shouting at him loudly like a overwhelming cloud that is going to storm stones.

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