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37. Preparation for the coronation of Rama as prince.

       King Dasaratha, then addressed the assembly "Oh! I am very much pleased to hear your united consensus.   Incomparable is my fortune in that all of you, without any exception desire my beloved elder son to be anointed as prince "
     King Dasaratha then addressed the Rajaguru Vashista,  Vamadeva and other Brahmans "This is the glorious and auspicious month of Chaitra, in which the forests bloom with flowers.  Let all arrangements be made for the coronation of Rama as prince." 
      These words produced a gleeful applause from the entire assembly.
      King Dasaratha, with a very happy face waited for the applause to subside and then spoke to Vasishta. "Oh Divine Vasishta!  Be pleased to order now for the traditional ceremonial that is to be done and various accessories needed for the anointing ceremony of Rama." 
      Vasishta then ordered the officers who stood there with folded hands before the king "Gather the following in the sacred fire house of the king by dawn: gold and the like, diamonds, things needed to perform worship, various herbs, white floral garlands, corn, honey and clarified butter (நெய் ) in separate vessels, new clothes, chariot, all weapons, the four divisions of army, an elephant with auspicious signs, white fan, flag staff, white umbrella, one hundred golden pots with brilliant shine, bull with gilded horns and a complete tiger skin.
      "If you feel that any other small things are also required, arrange for all of them.  Let the doorways of the royal palace and those of the entire city be worshiped with sandalwood paste, floral garlands and good smelling incense.  Let fine rice of good quality with milk and yogurt, fully sufficient for one hundred thousand Brahmans be arranged.  Let that rice be given with due respect to important Brahmans tomorrow at dawn; along with clarified butter, yogurt, corn, and lots of other gifts.
      "There will be an invocation tomorrow at sunrise for the well being of all.  All brahmanas be invited and suitable seats be arranged for them.  Let the flags be hoisted and the royal highways be sprinkled with water.  Let well dressed dancers and musicians wait in the second enclosure in the royal compound.  As worshiping is to be done in temples and at road junctions, let some deserving people gather there with rice, eatables, presents and garlands, separately.  Let all the warriors enter the well developed front yard of the royal palace with long swords, armors and clean clothing."
      Both Vasishta and Vamadeva, who were highly experienced in such maters, attentively ordered for all those things that were required to be done there.  Pleased and satisfied with the arrangements made, Vasishta and Vamadeva approached the king Dasharatha and told him that all had been done as per his wish. 
      Dasharatha then asked Sumantra to bring Rama there.  As commanded by the king, Sumantra brought Rama in a chariot.  Afterwards the kings belonging to east, west, north and south, as well as those belonging to Mlechha kingdom, Aryaa Vartha kingdom and those ruling in hill and forest areas sat there and attended on the King Dasharatha as celestials attended on Devendra.
      The sage king Dahsaratha, sitting in the midst of those kings like Devendra in the middle of the celestials, saw from the palace itself, his son Rama arriving in a chariot.  Rama was as handsome and as majestic as the king of Gandharvas.  His valour was world famous.  He had great strength and walked like a vigorous elephant.  He had long arms, and with his enchanting face, he looked like the moon.  He stole the eyes and minds of the people by his looks, generosity and virtues.  King Dasharatha was thus not satiated enough in seeing Rama, coming like a cloud that gladdens people by relieving them from the scorching summer heat.  Sumantra helped Rama to get down from the excellent chariot and with folded hands followed behind Rama, who approached his father.  Rama ascended the steps of the palace, which resembled Mount Kailaasa, along with Sumantra, to see the king Dasaratha.
      Rama with folded hands approached his father, bowed down mentioning his own name and offered salutations to his father's feet. 
      King Dasharatha gave Rama a great throne, which was high, excellent and beautiful, decorated with gold and diamonds.  Rama, occupying that great throne, caused it to shine with his own brightness, just as the spotless sun in the morning causes Meru mountain to shine with brilliance.  Rama by his brilliance made that assembly to shine, just as the moon shines the clear autumnal sky.  King Dasharatha was as delighted in seeing his beloved son, as one delights in seeing oneself adorned, in a mirror.  King Dasharatha smilingly conversed with his son, and addressed Rama as follows, as Kasyapa did to (his eldest son) Devendra (the ruler of gods).
      "Oh Rama!  You are an exemplary son born to my exemplary primary queen.  Being excellent in virtues, you are the most beloved son to me.  As you with your good qualities cherished these people, you get the princely kingdom on the day of  Pushyami star (when the moon appears in conjunction with the constellation Pushya).  Oh, son! By nature, you are very humble and virtuous.  Even then, because of my friendship with you, I can tell you this for your benefit.  Be even more humble and always keep the senses under control.  Scorn the bad habits born out of desire and wrath.  Through direct and indirect means, keep ministers and others happy.  Like the celestials becoming happy after obtaining the nectar, friends of a king (ruler of earth) are delighted when he fills the granaries and armories to the brim, making the common people delightful and happy.  Hence, you too act like this."
      The well-wishers of Rama, after hearing those words, intending to make Kausalya very happy, immediately rushed to her and informed the news to her.  Queen Kausalya became immensely pleased and gave away gold, cows and different types of diamonds to those who informed her the good news.  Rama, after offering salutations to the king Dasharatha, ascended the chariot and went to his splendid house after being worshiped by the crowds on the way.
     Having heard those words of the king, seeing their dearest wish gratified, the citizens took leave of the King Dasaratha and returned to their homes full of joy, in order to give thanks and render homage to the Gods.

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  1. What happened to all kinds of prayers and divinity, donations, astrologer predictions of best celestial combinations of stars system for Rama will be the greatest king and no problem.. Just do it... now... fast and feast for preparation for the coronation of Rama as prince. Kaushlya austerities fasting... non of such things ever works, so Why Pray?