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29. Marriage alliance to Bharata and Shatrughna.

       On the conclusion of the speech of the king Janaka regarding his lineage, both the the sages Vishwamitra and Vashishta said "The Ikshvaku-s and Videha-s are unimaginably admirable and immeasurably distinguished dynasties.  There is no single king comparable to any one from these two dynasties.  We feel that the  marriage of Seetha with Rama and Urmila with Lakshmana would definitely enhance the  dynastic prestige and even it is befitting to the winsome charms of the brides and bridegrooms.
      "Oh, Your Majesty, we have some suggestion in this regard.  The pair of daughters of your younger brother, king Kushadhvaja are nonpareil in comeliness.   We, therefore, suggest that they may be paired off with Bharata and Shatrughna.  All these four sons of Dasharatha are dashingly handsome and unbelievably youthful looking, and they are equal to the four rulers of the world from four quarters, and their valour vies with the valour of God Vishnu.
       "Oh, Sir, what would be more befitting than the the impeccable dynasties of Ikshvaku-s and yours are  interlocked by these wedlock-s."
       Both King Janaka and his brother agreed to this suggestion.  It was agreed that the pair of Kushdhvaja's daughters, namely Maandavi and Shrutakiirti  were to be married to Bharata and Shatrughna, respectively.
       King Janaka then told the two sages "You two, oh, eminent-saints, have done an excellent and generous act in my respect, and I will ever remain in your debt.  I humbly beg of you to preside over these thrones, that of mine, my brother's, and that of Dasharatha.
      COMMENT: The kind deed done by the two sages, Vishwamitra and Vashishta, was fetching right husbands for his and his brother's daughters.  And this sitting on the three thrones is for assuming symbolic rulership on the three kingdoms, Ayodhya, Mithila and Saankaasya  in getting the marriages performed without a hitch.
End Comment   
       "As to how this city Mithila appertains to Dasharatha, in the same way the city of Ayodhya is mine, and there shall be no hesitancy for you two sages in governance on these three kingdoms, and it will be most appropriate of you to make the marriages happen as aptly as you can." 
      King Dasharatha totally endorsed King Janaka by saying  "Oh, Janaka, I could not have honoured the two sages better than you did.  I am absolutely in agreement with you.
      "Enjoy that blessedness!  Let safe betide you! We now depart to our visitorial palace, and we shall customarily carry out the tributary rituals." 

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