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28. Janaka's lineage detailed.

       On hearing the Sage Vashishta's naration about the lineage of the king Dasharatha, Janaka reverentially and unpretentiously replied with  folded palms  "oh, sage, I already have heard about the lineage of the great King Dasharatha; but it was quite more impressive when heard from your mouth.  Now let me tell you all about our lineage which, you will find, is not less distinguished than that of the King Dasharatha.
      "Sir, you know that it is the normal custom that he who is born in a particular noble lineage has to inform about his parentage in its entirety, especially when he offers a bride.  With your permission let me tell about our lineage.
      "Once there was an emperor called Nimi, who was renowned in all the three worlds by his own accomplishments.  And his son was named as Mithi, and Janaka (the first one to be named as Janaka) was Mithi's son who begot Udaavasu.  From Udaavasu it is Nandivardhana, and Nandivardhana's son is named as Suketu.  From Suketu, Devaraata was born, and from Devaraata, it is Brihadratha who took birth. 
      "From Brihadratha it is the highly brave, courageous and valiant Mahaaviira, and the bold and truth-valiant Sudhriti from Mahaaviira.  From Sudhriti, the right-minded and highly generous Dhristaketu took birth, and from Dhristaketu it is highly renowned Haryashva.   Haryashva's son is Maru, and Maru's son is Pratiindhaka, and the son of Pratiindhaka's is the noble-souled king Kiirtiratha. The son of Kiirtiratha is remembered as Devamiidha, and the son of Devamiidha is Vibudha, and Vibudha's son is Mahiidraka.  Mahiidraka's son is the great mighty king Kiirtiraata, and the son born to the king Kiirtiraata is Mahaaroma.  From Mahaaroma it is the virtue-souled Swarnaroma, and from Swarnaroma it is Hrasvaroma.
      "Two sons were born to Hrasvaroma.  I am the elder, and my younger brother is this brave Kushadhvaja.  My father Hrasvaroma anointed me in the kingdom as I am the elder, and vesting the duty of looking after Kushadhvaja in me, he departed to forests. 
      "On the departure of our aged father to heaven, I have been looking after my very dear brother Kushadhvaja with greater fondness.  Then, after sometime, a king named Sudhanva came from his city Saankaasya with his mighty army to Mithila demanding 'The unexcelled bow of Shiva' along with my most dearest daughter, Seetha.
       "I refused both and he started a war with me.  He lost the war and his life.  I have anointed my brother Kushadhvaja in the kingdom of Saankaasya   I offer my elder daughter  Seetha to Rama, and Urmila, my second daughter to Lakshmana in marriage.
      "My daughter Seetha is the bounty for bravery and in simile she is the daughter of the divine Providence, and thus the second one Urmila too. 
      "Oh, king Dasharatha, let the preceding ritual of marriage be started."     

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